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Applicant’s temperament and character type recognition by using modern information technology

Author: tsira jojua
Keywords: TemPerMod, simulation, fuzzification, temperament

Modern information and communication technology has dramatically changed the knowledge dissemination process. The popularity of e-learning systems is growing and more and more researchers are focusing on efficiency in order to save time and financial resources. To achieve this, it is necessary to adjust training scenarios for every trainee. One of the goals of educational technologies is the training process intensification which can be achieved by using different and advanced Information and Communication Technologies and Electronic (ICTE) tools. Nowadays, transition from the traditional classrooms learning to on-line training and consulting is taking place. However, it is not often respected that people have different perception of information. The differences are not only visual or auditory, but also related with the color of learning objects and the speed of presentation. The training system should take into account the type of the temperament and character of an applicant – trainee. Testing is traditionally used for recognition of the applicant’s temperament. Apart from the traditional tests–questionnaires, there are also other types, for example: painting test, color test, geometric shapes test, picture test, card game test, figures test, scenario tests, handwriting analysis, drawing tests, etc The advantage of such tests is that they are based on the cognitive processes and thus, are more free from manipulating the answers, take far less time and depend less on the mood. Our aim was to create (by means of combination of several such tests of different kinds and of using modern technologies for presenting and processing the personal information) a short, quick and free from manipulating Test-Program which would enable us to define the type of the applicant’s temperament and character for the needs of e-learning.

Lecture files:

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