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Technical aspects for the development of the Information portal mobile application

Author: Sopiko Jioshviil

Today we live in an information technology century. Everything is rapidly changing, developing and undergoing the evolution. The use of information technology is improving day by day and it become an unseparable part of our everyday life. The presented work refers the mobile applications and the main purpose of our project is to use the mobile application development modern methods and technologies in order to create an Information portal (mobile application) for Tbilisi State University students. Thus, in the project we discuss the development phases of the mobile application and solve the problems associated with database design, application model development, the web interface models and the creation of mobile application services.

Lecture files:

პრეზენტაცია [ka]
საინფორმაციო პორტალის მობილური აპლიკაციის შემუშავების ტექნიკური ასპექტები [ka]

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