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Electronic medical Cards

Author: manana kakhoshvili
Co-authors: ქამუშაძე დავით,ქარაული დიმიტრი,ქართველიშვილი ოზბეგი,ჯანაშია ნანა,დოლიაშვილი მარიამ,ჭანტურია ეკატერინე,ფანცულაია გვანცა
Keywords: Electronic, medical, Cards

Project is dedicated to one of the most important direction of informational technologies: e-medicine. In particular to development of special data base, which is known as medical electronic records. Development of this project needs two types of medical records (web and desktop application), for stationary and ambulatory types of medical institutions. Data in system is synchronized with norms of Georgian legislation and fits with medical forms that are practiced in Georgia.

Lecture files:

EMC-Project [ka]
EMC-Presentation [ka]

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