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Threats in networks ( Sniffers ) and mitigation techniques

Author: Sergo Beruashvili
Keywords: arp, sniffer, poison, spoofing, network, tool, programming

The number of devices in network drastically grows as Technology Development. Importance of Computers and Network is getting bigger and bigger. They are used to transfer all kind of information (Personal, Secret, Diplomatic … etc), it is important to have a reliable connection between devices, to protect information and not let them leak. The goal of this work is to discuss about one of the network-hijacking techniques “ARP Spoofing”. Which produces lots of false “ARP Reply” packet in network, it allows attacker to sniff network traffics and steal them. The whole process of this attack is described in the given work as well as defending techniques. This work also contains software, which will detect ARP Spoofing threats in the network.

Lecture files:

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