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Configuration and Subneting Aspects in IPv6.

Author: Akaki Navdarashvili
Keywords: stateless Auto-reconfiguration of Hosts, Network, foreign link

The main objective of this Master's Thesis presents from the performance characteristics of the IPv4 to IPv6-transition mechanism. Comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 networks performance charaqteristics is discussed in both as a Windows environment, as well as the Linux-platform. IPv4 - IPv6 protocol testing is preformed on the Windows platform. Different types From IPv4 to IPv6 protocol stack conversion are presented. Two types of Tunneling: Router-to-Router Tunneling, Host-to-Host Tunneling are used in process of researching

Lecture files:

დაკონფიგურირებისა და ქვექსელებად დაყოფის ასპექტები IPv6-ში (პრეზენტაცია) [ka]
დაკონფიგურირებისა და ქვექსელებად დაყოფის ასპექტები IPv6-ში [ka]

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