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The student's individual schedule generation tools

Author: Giorgi Megreli
Co-authors: Irakli Mindprashvili, Sandro Mtchedlishvili, Irakli Papava
Keywords: Education proocess management, heuristical Algorithms

The goal of this project is to let students generate near optimal university schedule for them. User should be able to specify high priority days, hours and subjects and application with generate schedule for him/her. Our goals was to offer user near optimal, while we would like to be able to offer optimal results, it is impossible in most cases, because application has to work with number of constraints. These constraints include: • Maximum number of students on each subject. • Absence of subjects during high priority hours. • Dependence on mandatory subjects. • Prerequisites of individual subjects. Because of all these, number of subjects that are available to individual student, decreases drastically, which in turn decreases chances of getting optimal results. Our biggest priority was creating system that would be comfortable and easy to interact with for users. Application is heuristic algorithm, modified by project authors, written in PHP.

Lecture files:

სტუდენტის ინდივიდუალური ცხრილი-პრეზ [ka]
სტუდენტის ინდივიდუალური ცხრილის ფორმირების სისტემა [ka]

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