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Intelligent Supporting System: Hybrid Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem

Author: zurab katsitadze
Keywords: Intelligent Supporting System: Hybrid Algorithms for, Vehicle Routing Problem

The following master's thesis deals with the vehicle routing problem (VRP) in difficult and extreme environments. In such cases, there is no objective data as in classic VRP, but the only way to solve the problem is using expert knowledge and the expert data. This kind of data includes: the estimated time spent by the vehicle while driving the route; possibility of movement of the vehicle between the points on time and so forth. Expert data gives us the opportunity to solve the VRP with classic criteria, but also considering the reliability of the routes. The thesis deals with the problems of formation and structuring input data for VRPs. The task is the following: Given the points (nodes or customers), we need to put them on the map, and calculate the matrix of shortest paths between the pairs of points. The paper presents processing method based on Google Maps. The appropriate software is also implemented. The test example is also included considering the network of Tbilisi universities, where the depot is Ministry of Education and Science.

Lecture files:

სამაგისტრო ნაშრომის დოკუმენტი [ka]
სამაგისტრო ნაშრომის ანოტაცია [ka]
სამაგისტრი ნაშრომის პრეზენტაცია [ka]

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