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Author: salome lebanidze
Keywords: sour cream, milk fat, falsification

Annotation The present thesis discusses the experiments on measuring milkfat in sour cream from different producer companies and introduces the comparative analysis of the results to identify the naturalness of the products. Among dairy products sour cream is one of the most popular goods, which is distinctive by its high biological and nutritive value. On Georgian market sour cream is a highly consumable product of wide variety. Its value is measured by the percentage of milkfat in total fat. To raise the profit the counterfeit producers often use low-cost solid plant oils or hydrogenised fat instead of milkfat. To identify the falsification in sour cream products we have stated and performed the following tasks: 1) to measure the total fat in the samples; 2) to measure the milkfat content in total fat; 3) to compare the data with the existing standards;

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