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Author: mariam bendeliani

Annotation The butter made from the animal fat is especially popular among consumers. It is widely used in baby food due to high caloric content, biological value and high digestibility. Recently the number of butter producer companies and consequently the variety of products has increased significantly. Nowadays butter is in the list of the most frequent counterfeit products which makes it necessary to learn the butter market regarding fake production The present thesis discusses the butter (in particular the cream butter) qualitative falsification evaluated by the milkfat content in total butter fat. To reach this goal the following tasks were stated and performed: 1) the measurement of milkfat in butter; 2) the measurement of total fat in butter; 3) the comparison of the obtain results with the existing standards; 4) the summary of the obtained data and elaboration of recommendations. In the experimental part of the work 7 samples have been studied to measure the milkfat content in total butter fat according to sst 77:210. The obtained data were used for the butter identification.

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სხვადასხვა წარმოების კარაქში რძის ცხიმის შემცველობის შედარებითი ანალიზი [ka]

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