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Information Security Risk Management

Author: Levan Tskhadaia
Keywords: Risk, Risk Management, Information Security

The thesis discusses management methods of risks that could compromise the organization's information security. Causes of information security risks and further ways of elimination / reduction are analized. Sets out the characteristics that are necessary to take into account to establish information security risk management system. Recommendations are included with information about the methods for information security risks identification, evaluation, treatment and acceptance. Given recommedations are intended for practical purposes and can be used in any organization redarding it’s type or size.

Lecture files:

ინფორმაციული უსაფრთხოების რისკების მართვა (პრეზენტაცია) [ka]
ინფორმაციული უსაფრთხოების რისკების მართვა (ნაშრომი) [ka]

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