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Cloud Computing Evaluation - How it Differs to Traditional IT Outsourcing

Author: Iva Ugulava
Keywords: cloud computing, it outsourcing

The average speed of Internet during these last 10 years has increased by 1000 times enabling to provide software and data basis in a remote server called cloud. (This service provider offered a dedicated space in the cloud). Cloud computing is a technology that provides Internet service where customers can utilize there existing resources. The use of cloud computing allows data storage and servers service which is very high reliability, virtually unlimited resources, cost effective and ready-made service. With the development of technology, companies’ requirements are increasing and they are becoming more demanding. In order that informational technology infrastructure convenes to everyone’s need, it is important that this should be handle by an experienced specialist. Outsourcing is an agreement between 2 organizations, one of them provides to the second one IT information technology service such as related function, business process etc. The purpose of this master thesis is to examine the possibilities of cloud computing as an outsourcing option, which is different from the traditional, IT outsourcing. Indeed, we should consider those aspects, which are to think at the possibility of adding or removing feature from he cloud computing compared to the traditional IT outsourcing, Thanks to theoretical research, we conducted interviews in 3 different companies in order to know their common sense and their knowledge about cloud computing. We asked open questions in order to be as objective as possible.

Lecture files:

პრეზენტაცია._სამაგისტრო_ნაშრომი_-_ივა_უგულავა [ka]
სამაგისტრო ნაშრომი - ივა უგულავა [ka]
სამაგისტრო ნაშრომი - ივა უგულავა [ka]

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