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Light Transport Simulation for Realistic Images

Author: Irakli Koiava
Keywords: Computer Graphics, Physical Simulation, Rendering

Nowadays nobody is surprised to see such unbelievable and exciting effects in films which could astonish spectators 20 years ago. In the majority of films during the computer processing happens the partial or complete replacement of the image. Replaced image is processed by computer with high precision computational methods and fits on existing image such that this process is not observing for spectators. Making and processing existing or virtual environment by computer by the way is a hard work and includes solving the complex problems. Film industry is one of the most expensive industry in the world. Budget of modern films rich hundreds of million dollars. This is because of expensive technologies, highly trained specialists and highly payed staff and complexity of working on films. As we mentioned in this process computer graphics has a huge role. Second, no less expensive and correspondingly marketingly interesting and attractive industry is computer video games. This industry first appeared when first personal computers came out and developed with them in parallel. Computer games is not less profitable then film industry. For example, popular video game Grand Theft Auto's (GTA) sales in first 24 hours reached 800 million American dollars. Difference between film industry and computer games is that computer games are completely based on computer graphics. This means that computer graphics has a huge influence on this industries. According to this computer graphics industry is marketingly attractive thus once again underlines the actuality of this theme. In this work discussion is about getting image of virtual environment using physical simulation of light transport. This process is distinguished from its complexity because it requests knowledge in different directions: physics, computational statistics, linear algebra, computational geometry and of course narrow directions of computer science.

Lecture files:

სამაგისტრო ნაშრომი [ka]
წინასწარი პრეზენტაცია [ka]

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