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Perfomance Evaluation and Comparison of Network Firewalls under DDOS Attack

Author: Ana Lim
Keywords: network, defence, DDOS attacks, firewall

The aim of publication is to identify the most appropriate measures for computer networks protection. Due to constant attacks on customers vulnerable computers, Firewall-selection problem is very sufficient. It is necessary to develop Firewall comparison criteria, of what to be named “best” and what to be “worst”. Some consider that the best product is which is more resistant to attacks. The main requirement against protection systems is reliably and safely protect under any circumstances. If the security system detects atack (for example dos), it should close any access to your network and keep it safe. Most of product reviews devotes the major part to the user interface description. In most of cases the firewall system is presented like a black box, which is installed on a well-protected place and no one is able to reach him, except of specially trained administrators. It is good if interface is nice and comfortable, but the flexibility of system configuration may cause the system protection weakening. Therefore, the comfortable interface may become less convenient. The urgency of this problem is quite high in the Information Society, because not only software is improving, but the criminals attack methods also.

Lecture files:

ანა ლიმ - ქსელური Firewall-ების ეფექტურობის შეფასება და მათი შედარება DDOS შემოტევებისას (პრეზენტაცია) [ka]
ქსელური Firewall-ების ეფექტურობის შეფასება და მათი შედარება DDOS შემოტევებისას [ka]

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