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Author: Giorgi Kobakhidze

The reality of large and medium-sized organizations, it is important to ensure the full realization of its service. Often organizations, especially if their main source of income is from other organizations and consulting services, constantly thinking about how they can become more successful in their work and advanced compared to other companies. Comes a time when it is necessary to check its employees' service quality, detect, and thus eliminate the flaws and focus resources where most needed to be carried. Every detail is accounted for, and all of them are summarized in the right direction to set, almost all of the company's daily conundrum. I have created a product to each company's objective is to improve the service. Accounting staff and customer relations as the temporal, and quality assessment. Time management and the right strategy determination. Each service is provided to compare the cost-benefit analysis, as well as providing accurate accounting of the amount payable by the customer. You can, at any time to observe or to review each and every employee and client relationships. Prior to setting up the project and further implementation of the most current research focused on the relationship between employee and customer behavior, and so the solution is in this context that this will be adjusted on both sides. When your segment offers novelties, of which they are still far from a novelty, you need to be careful with all the treatment and ultimately the product of a policy that is acceptable and what is better for the old methods have been implemented. At this stage, the project is being implemented and its actual use, subsequent studies have confirmed the importance and the success of the launch. It happens all the delay in the elimination of the use of much faster, with more precision is available all the time and complexity of the financial assessment and the most important of its integration did not prevent the continued success of the collaboration.

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