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Multiplayer Social Gaming Platform

Author: moris varduashvili

The article presents a new platform of multiplayer social gaming. The article discusses the reasons which led to the creation of new platforms and also its application fields. There is described the main issues that need to comply with the new platform. The article shows two different models of development of multiplayer games and is approved the advantage of the models based on the model sockets. Here are given examples applicable not only in gaming but also in other fields, but the profile of the mentioned platform is directly the Social Games. The article analyzes the market of the same type other products. It is compares their software simplicity and the flexibility for games, also value of their license, what created the necessity of the creation of free platform, and I think this one will become more popular in low-budget projects. The article describes the basic elements of social games for new platforms, which are necessary understanding its working principle. Platform software contains such pre-treated elements, which makes games development simpler. Also it envisages issues that either other products do not have them, or are too inconvenient to use. The demonstrative example is attached on the article with using the mentioned platform, where is used various kind of processed elements. Given platform shows the advantages of the new platform compared to other platforms.

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