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Content management system

Author: mariam chuchulashvili

The main idea of the project is an easy content management system (CMS), where the administrator can control the full information. Create a new content, update already created and delete unnecessary Information. Everything is under the control of the administrator and the information is controlled in a real time, which means that each post must have add / edit date, so that the user can easily find the latest and desired information. The system is easily customizable, has the opportunity to configure the visual part and the possibility to add new controllers / editors. Through the independent and flexible interface user permissions is strictly separated. The product meets modern challenges, works quickly and flexibly. The main goal of the project is that the information is delivered to the customer in a pleasant way. Also, the visual interface is considered convenient. The Information is provided smoothly and it is available at any time for the consumers. In the system clients have the opportunity to add the additional information/comment to each post or article. Customers are allowed to contacts with administrators, which is in a simple way. Technologies that are used for the content management system, meet modern challenges, are already experienced, successful and widespread. The system is web-based. The client does not have to install it additionally and can access it at any time.

Lecture files:

ვებ გვერდების კონტეტნ-მართვის სისტემა [ka]
ვებ გვერდების კონტეტნ-მართვის სისტემა [ka]

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