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Operational data analysis for financial Institute on Oracle database

Author: Elena Mariamidze

In the banking sector it’s especially vital to have information about every product sold and target sector in general. Information represents the important component for conducting any kind of business. Information as product and resource has always been and is essential for business management. Complete, reliable and timely information gives financial institution a significant competitive advantage. Having appropriate information at hand gives financial institution the opportunity to analyze the current situation and make the optimal decision. All information existing within information system can be defined as information resource. That’s why the companies do their best to have constantly updated databases. The purpose of this master thesis is to review the data presentation in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) for data analysis and BI decision-making based on Oracle database. Oracle database is object-oriented data management system. It’s the real system which involves the wide range of functions. We can perceive it as the instrument of data storage and its access, while SSRS is Microsoft system used for the report generation founded on server. It’s the part of Microsoft SQL server complex that involves the analysis of SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) and integration services of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services).

Lecture files:

ოპერაციულ მონაცეთა ანალიზი საფინანსო ინსტიტუტებისთვის Oracle-ის ტექნოლოგიების ბაზაზე [ka]
ოპერაციულ მონაცეთა ანალიზი საფინანსო ინსტიტუტებისთვის Oracle-ის ტექნოლოგიების ბაზაზე [ka]

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