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Fermi degenerate plasma in external electromagnetic field

Author: Shota Lekashvili
Keywords: plasma, fermi, degenerate

Magnetometry and Hyperthermia Study of Magnetic Fluid

Author: giorgi matiashvili

Scalar Particle In The Standard Model

Author: tornike pilauri


Author: davit peradze
Keywords: magnetum, nano particles

Superhigh frequency and its effect on living organisms

Author: grigol abuladze

X-ray emission and its effects on living organisms

Author: zviad gaprindashvili

Characteristics of magneto-hard substances measured by Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Author: aleksandre tatishvili
Keywords: Vibrating, Magneto-hard, measurement, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

quantum particle in infinite square well with adiabatically changing geometry

Author: Dachi Meurmishvili

RF transverse susceptibility measurement methods

Author: Tornike Tchabukiani
Keywords: Frequency, Inductance, Resonance

Study of the Thermal Effects Caused by EM Radiation for Human Models

Author: zurab gogoladze

electron problem in electromagnetic field with Rashba spin-orbit coupling

Author: sergo londaridze

Electric dipole moment (EDM) studies of the charged particles at COSY-Juelich: Detector Modelling - Event generator for deuteron proton elastic scattering.

Author: giorgi lomidze

Linear dynamics of perturbations in shear flows

Author: Elene Miliukovi
Keywords: shear flow, instability, transient growth, turbulence

Study of Magnetic Properties in Multiferroic thin Films using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Technique

Author: Luka Tsulaia

massless 2D fermions in string magnetic field

Author: Shalva Bilanishvili

Landau-Zener problem for condensed-phase dissipative systems

Author: tornike kimeridze

Impact of conformational dynamics and stability on the functional activity of globular proteins

Author: Tatyana Tretyakova
Co-authors: M. Shushanyan. T. Partskhaladze, T. Dolidze, D. Khoshtariya
Keywords: globular proteins, enzymes, structure-function relationship, molten-globule, flexibility, ionic liquids, stability, denaturation, biological electron transfer.

Visualization of optical-thermal convertion in silver nanoparticles and thermochromic dyes doped polymer nanocomposition.

Author: Nino Ponjavidze
Keywords: polymer nanocomposition, silver nanoparticle, thermochromic dyes


Author: Otari Sakhelashvili
Keywords: Standing wave braneworld, Brane cosmology, Dimension reduction

The methodology and its application of ultrasound in medical diagnostic

Author: Nino Turqadze
Keywords: Ultrasound, Medical diagnostic

Investigation of the Metal-Dielectric Structures using Method of Auxiliary Sources

Author: Veriko Jeladze
Co-authors: V. Tabatadze, I. Petoev, R. Zaridze

Coronal rain

Author: Davit Khutsishvili
Keywords: sun corona

Nanotechnologies in Medicine

Author: eka shekiladze
Keywords: Nanotechnology, Nanoparticles, medicine


Author: davit kereselidze
Keywords: Ellipsoidal nanoparticle, the perturbation theory, the direct method of Hamiltonian diagonalization

Impurity Effects on Stripe Phase in La2-xBaxCuO4

Author: Tornike Gagnidze
Keywords: Impurity Effects, High-temperature superconductors, Stripes

Investigation Electrical and Optical Properties of TiO2

Author: Zurab Kushitashvili
Keywords: Dielectric, low Temperature, catalytic

Investigation Electric Properties of Dielectrics by C-V Characterization

Author: Zurab Kushitashvili
Keywords: Nanosize, dielectric, oxide

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