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N deminsion system arcitecture

Author: Tamar Gurtsishvili

Educational portal for computer skills

Author: Khatia Kamushadze
Co-authors: group
Keywords: e-learning, computer skills

sxvadasxva sitemebshi ricxvebis gadayvanis programebis sheqmna

Author: bachana beradze
Co-authors: mariam gogilashvili , dimitri amilakhvari
Keywords: tvlis sistemebi, ricxvebis gadayvana

Model of Information Search Engine in Database

Author: Giorgi Tchitchunadze

Surface Intersection

Author: Beqa Nikolaishvili
Keywords: surface, intersection

Light Transport Simulation for Realistic Images

Author: Irakli Koiava
Keywords: Computer Graphics, Physical Simulation, Rendering

Internal Telephony Server by Using VoIP Technology

Author: lado kavlashvili

Coupling of ODE & PDE models for parallel numerical simulation of malignant tumor growth with migration, proliferation and angiogenesis

Author: George Ghughunishvili
Co-authors: Manana Lortkipanidze, Nino Ptskialadze, Ana Tsiskarishvili, Georgi Kupunia, Rati Devidze, Giorgi Ghughunishvili

Physical security and support

Author: Guram Otarashvili
Keywords: Information security, physical security, risk detection, risk control, risk assessment, the existence of relevant documents, identify responsible persons , scoup, step by step optimization


Author: Tigran Budaghyan
Keywords: Database, model

Traffic and Bandwidth Management On Network

Author: Geronti Maisuradze
Keywords: Traffic, Vlan

Operational data analysis for financial Institute on Oracle database

Author: Elena Mariamidze

Internal Telephony Server by Using VoIP Technology

Author: Lado Kavlashvili
Keywords: IP telephone

Neural Networks for constructing Cryptographically strong Pseudo-Random Generators

Author: jaba gedenidze

Cloud Computing Evaluation - How it Differs to Traditional IT Outsourcing

Author: Iva Ugulava
Keywords: cloud computing, it outsourcing

Information Security Risk Management

Author: Levan Tskhadaia
Keywords: Risk, Risk Management, Information Security

Data Center Architecture and Security

Author: Irakli Adeishvili
Keywords: Data Center, Security, Architecture

Intelligent Supporting System: Heuristic Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem

Author: Giorgi Marjanidze

Electronic medical Cards

Author: manana kakhoshvili
Co-authors: ქამუშაძე დავით,ქარაული დიმიტრი,ქართველიშვილი ოზბეგი,ჯანაშია ნანა,დოლიაშვილი მარიამ,ჭანტურია ეკატერინე,ფანცულაია გვანცა
Keywords: Electronic, medical, Cards

Technical aspects for the development of the Information portal mobile application

Author: Sopiko Jioshviil

Artificial Neural Network in Spam Filtration and Antivirus programs

Author: Tamar Bliadze
Keywords: Neural Network, ANN, AI, spam, spam detection, spam filtration, e-mail

Applicant’s temperament and character type recognition by using modern information technology

Author: tsira jojua
Keywords: TemPerMod, simulation, fuzzification, temperament

Intelligent Supporting System: Hybrid Algorithms for Vehicle Routing Problem

Author: zurab katsitadze
Keywords: Intelligent Supporting System: Hybrid Algorithms for, Vehicle Routing Problem

The student's individual schedule generation tools

Author: Giorgi Megreli
Co-authors: Irakli Mindprashvili, Sandro Mtchedlishvili, Irakli Papava
Keywords: Education proocess management, heuristical Algorithms

Some topics of system that is contributing decision making in routing problems

Author: Niko Dneladze
Co-authors: Beka Tchelidze, Mikheil Tchelidze
Keywords: VRP, CVRP, Routing, TSP

Features of Construction Quantum Database


Content management system

Author: mariam chuchulashvili

Network Security Assessment

Author: George Adamov

Improvement of Product Lifecycle and Corporate Productivity with Qt.

Author: Avtandil SHARABIDZE

Multiplayer Social Gaming Platform

Author: moris varduashvili

Comparing Anisotropic Diffusion Models

Author: William Saakyan
Co-authors: Nodar Gikashvili, Bakar Andguladze, Lado Barnovi
Keywords: Anisotropic Diffusion, Perona-Malik, Gaussian Smoothing

Comparison of anisotropic diffusion models

Author: Mariam Vardishvili
Co-authors: Natia Doliashvili, Maka Labadze, Ana Dolidze

Semantic Search Software for Text Database

Author: giorgi bendeliani

Multi-mode binary search tree

Author: Giorgi Shvelidze
Keywords: Data structures, Binary search tree

Decision Making Aggregation Operators

Author: Gvantsa Tsulaia
Keywords: Decision Making System, OWA-type Aggregation Operators, Dempster-Shafer Structure

Architectural Implementation of Quantum Computing Technologies

Author: David Kadagishvili


Author: Dimitri Amilakhvari

Content Management Tools for the Web

Author: Giorgi Kobakhidze

sxvadasxva sistemashi ricxvebis gadayvanis gamoyenebiti programis sheqmna

Author: mariam gogilashvili
Co-authors: bachana beradze,dimitri amilakhvari
Keywords: tvlis sistemebi, rocxvebis gadayvana

Software Reliability systems

Author: Irakli Jojua
Keywords: software, reliability, sistems, copilot, polyspace, bug, finder, code, prover, haskell, C

Configuration and Subneting Aspects in IPv6.

Author: Akaki Navdarashvili
Keywords: stateless Auto-reconfiguration of Hosts, Network, foreign link

Perfomance Evaluation and Comparison of Network Firewalls under DDOS Attack

Author: Ana Lim
Keywords: network, defence, DDOS attacks, firewall

Threats in networks ( Sniffers ) and mitigation techniques

Author: Sergo Beruashvili
Keywords: arp, sniffer, poison, spoofing, network, tool, programming

Introducing Spatial Element in ODE Model for Cell-Mediated Immune Response to Tumor Growth

Author: Giorgi Gachechiladze
Co-authors: Giorgi Gabunia, Keti Gomiashvili, Keti Kakhidze
Keywords: Mathematical Modelling, Ordinal Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Diffusion, Immune Response, Tumor Growth, Parallel Computing, Numerical Simulations

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